Enhance Your Individual and/or Corporate Health

VivaCore boosts performance and success of individuals and organizations through catered health and wellness services.

Boosting Individual Health:

Reach your potential by accessing one of many services to improve your health and wellness. Get in shape, lose weight, feel better or achieve a running or triathlon goal. For services click here.

Boosting Organizational Health:

Boost your bottom line by investing in your most valuable asset – your employees. The health and wellness of your business is vital to the success of your bottom line because it improves the very life core (VivaCore) of your business – your employees.  Tailored health programming and services save your company a fortune and keep your staff motivated to WANT to do a great job.

How it Works:

VivaCore evaluates the health and wellness of your business to determine the best way to improve the bottom line. Then pick a catered program to meet your organization’s needs.

To see a few of the services offered download this brochure.

To improve the health, wellness and productivity of your organization contact Victoria at victoria@vivacore.ca.

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