The Gift of a Healthy Holiday

This time of year people are notorious for overeating, over-drinking, over-spending and over-sleeping.  All of this leads to holiday remorse, a wider waist line and a thinner wallet.

GIve yourself the gift of health this holiday!
GIve yourself the gift of health this holiday!

If you want to be healthier this season follow a few of these guidelines:

Eating Better:

  •  Follow the 80/20 rule. eat healthy food options 80% of the time and allow for treats 20% of the time. You can divide this up each day or divide up the week. So, if you think you can’t control your eating habits on Christmas Eve or Christmas day then make sure to eat healthy every other day of that week and eat healthier for a bit of the next week too!
  • Watch your portions!! You don’t need to deny yourself but make sure that you don’t consume more than a handful of nuts, an eigth of a pie, or two to three chocolates a day. If you are still craving sweets after a small portion grab a Christmas orange!

Watching your Wallet:

  • Have a Santa’s Gift exchnage to save a few dollars. There is no need for everyone to buy something for everyone else! Another option could be to only purchase gifts for the little ones. Adults can treat themselves when they need! 

Maintaining a Healthy Weight:

  • Go for a vigorous walk every day for a minimum of 20 mins. You don’t need to kill yourself at a gym to reap the health benefits. Too cold outside? That’s ok, walk till you drop at a shopping centre while shopping for gifts or try some low-impact star jumps during commercial breaks. Do them for 60 seconds at a time, take a 30 second break and keep it up four repitions.

For a number of great healthy recipes visit For some great ideas to fit in more physical activity with a busy check out

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