Help Kids Be Healthy By Letting Them Do What They Love

As an advocate of healthy living, I often encourage parents to give their children every opportunity to be active as possible. But that isn’t easy as it sounds.

Helping young ones be active means letting them engage in activities they enjoy. And for a number of youth – that means organized sports. One of the favorite sports that children and youth love is hockey. But it is expensive.

Thankfully there are supports out there and I would like to highlight one that is close to my heart. This support is for parents who may have trouble paying for pricey hockey fees, equipment, team fees, training/instruction and registration expenses. This support is through a charity that donates 100% of the money raised to those in need.

It is Sportsmanlike Conduct.

To learn more about how you can support youth who want to play their favourite sport, be active and ultimately healthier in every way, visit

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