Keeping Fit at Work During the Holidays

This time of year seem’s to be the most difficult to maintain a healthy weight. With the Christmas party’s and family get-togethers it can be a challenge to avoid unhealthy foods and find time to exercise. And typically, we all wait until New Year’s to start the resolution to get fit. I encourage you to challenge yourself and keep fit through this holiday season.

One great recommendation to follow is to use your work-day to incorporate healthy choices. This will actually help you stay more energized and productive while working and make your New Year’s resolutions easier to transition towards.

Follow these simple tips at the office:

  • trade your office chair for a fitness ball a couple of hours of the day
  • use active transportation as much as possible (park further away, take the stairs instead of the elevator, take the long route to visit a colleague)
  • work with your colleagues to select healthy lunch and snack options
  • go for a short walk during your coffee or lunch break
  • keep exercise equipment at your desk (stress balls and dynabands are great for getting your blood flowing and improving your concentration)
  • move faster (if you need to walk from one place to another go a little faster. The faster you go the higher your heart rate the more calories you will burn).

To have a tailored wellness plan developed for you office this holiday season contact us at

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