Stairway to Weight Loss

Taking the stairs everyday instead of the elevator burns calories and can lead up to a ten pound weight loss in one year! Check out Health Canada to incorporate a ‘Stairway to Health’ program into your life and calcuate the calrories you burn for your weight and body with their online calculator.

Did You Know?

  • Physical Activity improves health.  A little is good, but more is better.
  • Canada’s Physical Activity Guide recommends building physical activity into all aspects of daily life- at home, at work, at school, at play and on the  way- that’s active living.
  • Daily living activities like climbing the stairs significantly contribute to the 30 minutes of physical activity we all need…everyday.
  • Using the stairs burns twice as many calories as walking.
  • Regular stair users have greater leg strength and aerobic capacity than non climbers.
  • Taking the stairs is often faster than waiting for the elevator.

Stairway to Health is a partnership between Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Council for Health and Active Living at Work (CCHALW) with a special thanks to Ottawa Heart Beat.

One thought on “Stairway to Weight Loss

  1. This is such a simple but great idea if you could just get people to actually do it. Do you have any strategies to encourage friends and coworkers to do this?

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